If your data can be in tabular format, Colombo can compare it! From SQL query results from different databases, to CSV files, to XML files, Excel… Colombo will tell you exactly where they’re different, and will let you generate migration script to make one like the other. But that’s just the start…
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I work with AT&T as a data analyst. I regularly have to examine and compare very large sets of data for similarities and differences. While evaluating several data comparison tools, I discovered the Colombo tool from Nob Hill Software. I liked the tool initially because the interface was simple and easy to understand. I gave the tool quite a workout, and all my issues had been addressed and resolved almost immediately by the support staff. The tool now works well with my data and I intend to recommend that AT&T add it to their list of officially approved software for internal use.

Glenn Crumpley
Independent Consultant with AT&T

Colombo Overview

Colombo is simply the most powerful and flexible data comparison software out there. Be it a bunch of database tables, SQL query\batch\stored procedure results on different databases, two different CSV, Excel or XML files… If it can be viewed as a table, Colombo can compare it. But it doesn’t stop there…

Colombo's Features

  • Compare data across formats – Databases, MS Office files, text or XML files… Use our query builder, drag-and-drop files, or just paste your data in. So long as the data can be shown in a tabular format, Colombo can compare it
  • A simple and effective GUI: A lot of complexity is hidden behind a very simple GUI, in which you choose the left side, choose the right side, and compare; then results are presented in a clear fashion; Tooltip and sample clips are always there to guide you through
  • Change your data with a powerful yet easy to use migration scripts: Make one table like the other in a one-click total migration, or narrow down into specific rows, columns or specific cells you wish to change
  • If migrating database data, Colombo can tell you exactly if the migration would work before actually doing it –and if it fails, what specific values cause the problem (i.e. violate data integrity rules, etc…)
  • Fine-tune your comparison: what fields you want in it, according to what virtual unique key, assigning virtual data types to fields, and more
  • Compare schemas as well
  • Full hierarchical comparison: design certain tables as children of other tables, then execute a parent-child comparison, with ability to drill down into specific differences across the hierarchy
  • New! Test your table’s data before and after execution of a SQL DML statement - INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE – without actually executing it! If you ever wondered what a SQL Statement would do if you’ll be executing it - well now you can tell. It also produces the script for a SQL Undo!!
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A brand new way to tackle data comparisons


  • I’ve purchased both Colombo and DatabaseCompare for my new position as Programming Director at CHC as they will have many other uses here. Nob Hill has long had an important place in my toolkit
    Jonathan Smith
  • On Database-Compare: Overall, excellent product
    Nigel Maneffa, United Kingdom
  • You guys have great products and I really admire your dedication to user support and consistently improving your apps... Your service is top notch! Keep up the good work!
    Bob Gibilaro, MCDBA, MCAD
    V. Alexander & Co., Inc.