Marie-Alix can do so many things that... we are having problems defining it ourselves! More than anything, it’s a generic interface to your data. Any data. If it can be shown in a tabular format, we can work with it.
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I absolutely love this product! Been trying for weeks to get data out of a Microsoft Office Communicator database and this was the only tool that provided the information to me quickly
Ann Perretti
Kraft Foods

Marie-Alix Overview

Be it in SQL Server, Microsoft SSAS, MySQL, text files, Via OLEDB or ODBC, or XML files... Your data is useless unless you can easily get to it, work with it, and publish reports on it. We wanted to finally come up with the greatest-ever query tool that has it all… the query tool that will end all query tools! The goal is: Whatever formats your data is in - you can easily get to it; whatever you would like to do with it -you can! In a way, you can call it a super-grid… but it’s so much more!

Marie-Alix Features

  • Get Data From Any Source: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, CSV or fixed-width text files, XML files, ADOMD sources (cubes) or and many other OLEDB or ODBC-based data sources
  • Filtering and grouping on the fly. No other grid offers such a dynamic, powerful, versatile yet simple to look at your data in so many different ways
  • Relationships can be defined within the data. Entire hierarchies can quickly be created, and then an easy navigation enables moving up and down a hierarchy, focusing on the data you wish to work with
  • Adding notes, highlights and bookmarks to your data
  • Complex search criteria can be defined to find your needle in a hay stack. Full regular expression support
  • Data can easily be moved around, and exported to many different formats
  • Works togeather with the Nob Hill Data Profiler to monitor changes
  • and much, much more stuff than we can write about here... Honest! just... take the tour!
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The query tool to end all query tools!


  • Quite the WPF looking dotNET app (n i c e), but nothing compared to this technical accomplishment
    Tony Thompson
    Warner Music Group
  • This product was worth waiting for! (he also said: Wir sind garantiert frei - wenn wir uns nur daran erinnern! Which we think means: We are guaranteed to be free – as long as we remember it!)
    David Malcolm WILLIAMS
  • On Database-Compare: Overall, excellent product
    Nigel Maneffa, United Kingdom
  • You guys have great products and I really admire your dedication to user support and consistently improving your apps... Your service is top notch! Keep up the good work!
    Bob Gibilaro, MCDBA, MCAD
    V. Alexander & Co., Inc.