We are extremely proud to finally present a full solution to the SQL Server versioning problem. Most shops use version control to keep track of their code � but what about the database? Using Randolph, you will always know your database development is fully versioned, that you lose nothing and can always go back � with practically zero effort on your part!

Randolph Overview

Randolph is a unique solution that revolutionizes the way version control and change management is done for SQL Server. It shifts the responsibility for versioning from the users to the software. Its light-weight, low maintenance service that runs in the background and keeps track of all your databases schema changes over time, records them, (along with the users who did the changes) then enables full review of your databases' history, including easy search for specific information, scripting, and full rollback to any point in time, as well as optionally push changes into existing versioning systems, Such as Subversion or Team Foundation Server

Randolph Features

  • Fix it and forget it: Few clicks and your servers and their databases are under full source control. You continue working as usual, behind the scenes every change is being saved
  • Compiled repository: We�re not just saving everything. Everything is fully compiled. If there are errors in your code, you will know about it. If something was broken, you will know when, how, and by whom
  • An effective GUI: Enables an efficient browsing through the database�s entities - Their various properties, their complete history, and an easy retrieval of each entity�s full source code at every point in time. Quickly find what you�re looking for. Endless ways to query the history!
  • Elaborate reports: Know exactly what happened on your database across time
  • Quick rollbacks of your database to its state at any point in its past
  • Full Repository Search: because all your databases will now be fully compiled, you can do smart searches: Which code entered data into this table at what time window? Who has a permission to delete records? Etc� We are also the only ones that offer warnings for SQL, not just errors. So you can also see what your database is doing that might work, yet not advisable
  • Integration with Subversion and Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • Built-in scripting engine: You can fully script your databases at any point in time. Our new feature allows you to script the database at any point in time, and run it on any existing databases, just to see the differences
  • Set up Alerts: get notified when certain things happen on the databases you are monitoring
  • Working in conjunction with Microsoft CDC to integrate logging of data changes along with schema
  • Not just the databases: full monitoring of server level entities (Logins, Jobs...)