Nob Hill Products


Sql Version Control Solution
The first and only full solution to versioning and change management for SQL Server! Check out our revolutionary approach which fully manages database versioning behind the scenes, freeing you to focus on the things that are truly important to your project development.
Nob Hill Database Compare
Database Compare and Migrate Tool
There are many database comparison tools out there. But we believe ours is the best. Why? Its simple to use, it has exactly what you need, and nothing you dont need. It creates TSQL scripts that are easy to read, and actually work in every situation. We cover both SQL Server and MySQL
If there is anything you want to do with your tabular data – Marie-Alix does it! Get data from… anywhere! Then put it to use with the most versatile tool on the market to present data, filter it, find exactly what you need in it, define logical ties within it, define custom ways to edit it… the list goes on and on...
The Ultimate Data Comparison Tool
This is a new and original tool, used to simply compare and migrate data. Any data, in any format, to any other data in any format. Databases, flat files, MS Office files, XMLs... we cover it all. It also contains a highly flexible migration script engine, and capable of fully hierarchical comparisons - such as required in XML files and certain multi-query results